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  Chattanooga Banking Timeline    
  Garland Rarity    
  Union Bank, Chatt. Branch Overview    
    Chattanooga Union Bank Notes  need examples of G132 ($10) & G133 ($20)  
      Counterfeit vs. real $20    
    List Chatt. Union Bank Notes    
    Bibliography Union Bank Notes    
  Bk of E. TN, Chatt. Branch Overview    
    Plain Back Notes of 1854    
    1855 Red Back Printer Design    
    List Bk E. TN Notes at Chatt.    
    Overstamped Notes Bk of TN    
    Bk E. TN Bibliography    
  Bank of Chatt. Obsolete Overview    
    Initial Series 1854 - 1861    
    Redeemable Bank of Memphis    
    Initial Civil War Issues    
    Printed Over Bk of E. TN  need example of G56 ($1 GOOD missing)  
    Fractional Notes Sep 1862    
    $1, $2, $3 Notes of Jan 4, 1863    
    Fractional Notes of April 1863    
    List Bk of Chatt. By Garland #.    
    List of Bk of Chatt. By Period    
    Stamped Bank Chatt. Notes    
    Bank Chattanooga Error Notes    
    Bank Chattanooga Bibliography    
    Related Items    
    Signatures Bank of Chatt.    
    Census obsolete bank notes    
  Chatt. Depression Scrip Overview    
    Clearing House Scrip of 1893    
    Nashville Clearing House 1907    
    Background Depression of 1930s    
      Chatt. National Bank Scrip  need example $5 & $10  
      St. Elmo Bank & Trust    
      Hamilton National Bank Scrip    
      American Trust & Bank Scrip    
      Common Back of Bank Scrip    
      H. G. Hills Grocery Scrip    
      Depression Timeline    
    List Chatt. Depression Scrip    
    Depression Bibliography    
  City of Chattanooga Scrip Overview    
    City Scrip Issued in the 1850s    
    Civil War City Scrip Issued    
    City Scrip Issued in the 1870s    
      Records of 1870s City Scrip    
    List of Chattanooga City Scrip    
    Bibliography of City Scrip    
  Chattanooga Railroad Overview    
      War Scenes W&A and N, C & SL    
    Western & Atlantic RR Overview    
      Change Bills Jan 20, 1862    
      Change Bills Feb 1, 1862    
      Change Bills Mar 1, 1862    
      Change Bills Mar 15, 1862    
      Change Bills April 1862    
        Andrews Raid Story    
        Andrews Raid Centennial Celebration    
      Change Bills May 1862    
      Change Bills Jun 2, 1862    
      Change Bills Jun 16, 1862    
      Change Bills Jul 1, 1862    
      Change Bills Aug 1, 1862    
      Change Bills Oct'62, Jan'63    
      W & A RR Related    
      List W & A RR scrip    
      W & A RR Bibliography    
    Wills Valley RR Overview    
      Wills Valley RR Scrip  need examples of G1495, 1495.1 1498, 1508  
      List Wills Valley Scrip    
      Related Wills Valley RR    
      Bibliography Wills Valley    
    Alabama & Chatt. RR Overview    
      Route Map, 1870    
      "Stanton Town" depot & hotel    
      AL & Chatt. Bankruptcy Court Decree    
      Directors 1871 & Map    
      AL & Chatt. Meal Tickets  need example unlisted 20 cent with Receivers  
      AL & Chatt. Related    
      List AL & Chatt. Scrip    
      Bibliography AL & Chatt.    
    Hiwassee Railroad Overview    
      Hiwassee Promissory Notes   need example of G1385  
      List Hiwassee Notes    
      Bibliography Hiwassee RR    
    East TN & GA RR Overview    
      East TN & GA RR Scrip  need examples of G1373, 1379  
      List E. TN & GA RR Scrip    
      Bibliography E. TN & GA RR    
    Memphis & Charleston Overview    
      Passage or Freight Scrip  need examples of G1393, 1394  
      List Memphis & Charl. Scrip    
      Bibliography Memp. & Charl.    
  Chattanooga Merchants Scrip Overview    
      A - B Merchants Scrip  need color of Brent & Hult 50 cent  
      C - G Merchants Scrip    
      H - L Merchants Scrip  need color image of Lane 5 cent  
      M - O Merchants Scrip    
      P - Q Merchants Scrip  need color of Powell drugest 50c & Powell Iron 5c  
      Roane Merchants Scrip  need color of 5c 3rd issue, 10c 2nd & 4th issue, $2 1st issue  
      R - U Merchants Scrip  need color of Slick $1  
      Vulcan Merchants Scrip  need color of $2 & 10c Iron Works  
      V - Z Merchants Scrip  need color of Wells 25 cent  
    List of Merchants Scrip    
    Bibliography Merchants Scrip    
  Chatt. Coupon & Certificate Overview    
    Celebration Scrip    
    Profit Sharing Coupon    
    Grocery Certificate    
    Discount Certificate    
      Detrick Distilling Co. Promotion Kit    
    Advertising Certificate    
    List Coupons & Certificates  No bibliography  
  Chattanooga State Banks Overview    
    American Trust & Bank Checks    
    - Am Bk & Trust 35 Years    
    American National Bk & Trust Checks    
    - Am NB & T 75th Anniversary    
    Avenue Bank & Trust Checks  need example  
    Bank of Chattanooga Checks    
    Bank of Commerce Checks    
    Bank of East Chattanooga Checks  need example  
    Chatt. Savings Bk Checks    
    Chattanooga Warehouse & Banking Co Checks  need example  
    Citizens Bank & Trust Checks    
    City Savings Bank Checks    
    Commercial Bank & Trust Checks  need example  
    Discount & Deposit Bk Checks    
    Farmers & Mechants Bank Checks  need example  
    First Trust & Savings Checks  need example  
    Freedman's Savings & Trust Checks  need example  
    Highland Trust & Savings Checks  need example  
    Industrial Credit Union Bank Checks  need example  
    Loveman Bank Checks  need example  
    Mechanics & Traders Bank Checks  need example  
    Penny Savings Bank Checks    
    Peoples Bank Checks    
    Phoenix Bank & Trust Co Checks  need example  
    Pioneer Bank Checks    
      Pioneer Bank History    
    Ridgedale Bank Checks    
    St. Elmo Bank & Trust Checks  need example  
    Security Bank & Trust Co Checks  need example  
    South Chattanooga Bank Checks    
    Southern Bk & Trust Co Checks  need example  
    The Trust & Banking Co Checks  need example  
    Union Bank & Trust Checks    
    List State & National Bk Checks    
    State Bank Bibliography    
  Chattanooga National Banks Overview    
    American NB Notes    
    American NB Checks    
    Chattanooga NB Notes    
    Chattanooga NB Checks    
    Citizens NB Notes    
    Citizens NB Checks  Need examples  
    City NB Notes    
    City NB Checks    
    Commercial NB Notes    
    Commercial NB Checks    
    First NB Notes    
      1st NB Statement 1915    
      1st NB 50th Anniv., History    
      1st NB 60th Anniv., History    
      First NB Proof Sheets    
    First NB Checks    
    Fourth NB Notes    
    Fourth NB Checks    
    Hamilton NB Notes    
      Hamilton NB Statement 1916    
      Hamilton NB Statement 1919    
      Hamilton NB Statement 1922    
    Hamilton NB Checks    
    Merchants NB Notes    
    Merchants NB Checks    
    Third NB Notes    
    Third NB Checks    
    List Chattanooga NB Notes    
    Bibliography NB Notes    
    Census known NB Notes by Serial No    
    List of NB Proof Sheets    
    Images all Proof NB Notes    
  1889 Chattanooga Chamber Report (searchable)    
  1892 Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce Business Advertisements    
  Promenent Buildings of Chattanooga 1886    
  Chattanooga Bluff Iron Furnace    

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