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Chattanooga Bank Checks

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List of Bank Checks from Chattanooga
by Bank

Ref # Dated Description R#
American Trust Bank Co checks
ATB-0014-29-1946 American Trust Bk, black on tan  
ATB-0022-2-1946 American Trust Bk, sugar ration black on tan  
ATB-0036-13-1946 American Trust Bk, coffee ration black on tan  
ATB-0046-17-1946 Hamilton NB American TB, black on pink  
American National Bank checks
ANB-0013-7-1907 American NB, black on tan  
American National Bank & Trust Co. checks
ANBT-00119__ American NB&T, entrance, black on white  
Bank Commerce checks
BCo-0017-28-1919 Bk Chickamauga Bank Commerce, B/C, bk on violet  
Bank of Chattanooga checks
BC-00111-18-1891 Bk Chatt, Wiehl, Probasco & Co, green  
BC-0028-15-1896 Chatt. NB Bk Chatt, Wiehl, Probasco, bk on pink  
BC-0035-14-1898 Chatt. NB Bk Chatt, Wiehl, Probasco, br on pink  
Chattanooga National Bank checks
CNB-0013-20-1890 Chattanooga NB, torch, rust  
CNB-0026-26-1892 Chattanooga NB, torch, rust on tan  
Chattanooga Savings Bank checks
CSB-0013-4-1907 Chattanooga Savings Bank, black on tan  
CSB-00210-20-1927 Chattanooga Savings Bank, emblem left, black on cream  
CSB-0038-1-1916 Chattanooga Savings Bank Morgage Bond  
Citizens Bank & Trust Co. checks
CBT-0049-26-1890 Citizens B&T Co., dog, black on tan  
CBT-0051-9-1899 Citizens B&T Co., CBT, black on tan  
CBT-0061-6-1891 Citizens B&T Co., dk green on green  
CBT-0072-6-1907 Citizens B&T Co., cntr ck across, black  
City National Bank checks
CiNB-0014-29-1871 City NB, agriculture, black on pink  
CiNB-0025-6-1872 City NB, rust on white  
City Savings Bank checks
CiSB-0013-28-1890 City Savings Bank, black on white  
CiSB-0021-16-1891 City Savings Bank, rust on white  
CiSB-0038-12-1891 City Savings Bank, rust on green  
CiSB-0041-1-1892 City Savings Bank Loan, black on tan  
CiSB-0055-18-1887 City Savings Bank black on tan 1887 printed  
Commercial National Bank checks
CoNB-0019-19-1935 Commercial NB, black on white  
CoNB-0024-14-1934 Commercial NB, black on white, Counter Check  
Discount & Deposit Bank checks
DDB-0016-1-1872 Discount Bk, plain ruled paper  
DDB-0025-25-1872 Discount Bk, design left, black on white  
DDB-0039-24-1872 Discount Bk, Stkhold., black on white  
DDB-004187_ Discount Bk, L-design, black on white  
First National Bank
FNB-0014-1-1869 1st NB, L-title across, blue on white  
FNB-0026-18-1870 1st NB, L-FNB bldg, brown on white  
FNB-00312-5-1871 1st NB, dk green on green  
FNB-0045-7-1872 1st NB, L-FNB bldg, blue on white  
FNB-00510-8-1872 1st NB, L-FNB bldg, red on white  
FNB-0065-29-1873 1st NB, dk green on green  
FNB-0078-11-1874 1st NB, L-design, dk green on green  
FNB-0087-20-1880 1st NB, L-Tenn, dk green on green  
FNB-0095-3-1883 1st NB, L-Tenn, brown on yellow  
FNB-0107-21-1883 1st NB, white on gray design  
FNB-012188_ 1st NB, L-Tenn, black on white  
FNB-0138-26-1887 1st NB, L-girl head, black on white  
FNB-0144-20-1899 1st NB, black on white  
FNB-0159-3-1867 Cherokee Mfg to pay at 1st NB,handwritten  
FNB-0168-15-1906 1st NB, L-torch, blue on blue  
FNB-0177-21-1909 1st NB, L-FNB,"Elizabeth", bk on green  
FNB-0184-10-1914 1st NB, btm-torch, black on gold  
FNB-01912-12-1906 Real-estate loan at 1st NB  
FNB-020191_ 1st NB, unissued, black on pink  
FNB-021192_ 1st NB, oval insignia, unissued, black on green  
FNB-0229-8-1897 1st NB, black on brown  
FNB-0232-26-1928 Loan at 1st NB, black on white  
FNB-02412-17-1928 1st NB, black on brown  
FNB-0259-29-1874 1st NB, purple on violet  
FNB-0264-15-1874 1st NB, green on violet  
FNB-0275-29-1874 1st NB, green on cream  
FNB-0285-29-1911 1st NB, Coke Cola, brown on yellow  
FNB-0297-4-1908 1st NB, torch, rust on tan  
FNB-0307-5-1891 1st NB, stick font black on tan  
Fourth National Bank
4NB-0018-17-1892 4th NB, Gorden Lee Mills, b&w  
Hamilton National Bank
HNB-00111-28-1916 Ham NB, L-Hamilton, bk on dk blue  
HNB-0025-5-1948 Ham NB, C-Hamilton, bk on brown  
HNB-00312-2-1948 Ham NB, C-Hamilton, bk on brown  
HNB-0044-5-1950 Ham NB, C-bldg, blue on blue  
HNB-00519__ Ham NB, C-Hamilton, blue on off white  
HNB-0064-31-1931 Ham NB, C-Hamilton, yellow on brown  
HNB-0077-30-1946 Ham NB, counter check, brown on tan  
HNB-0085-7-1948 Ham NB, X out N. Chatt Branch, bk on bl  
Merchants National Bank
MNB-0013-27-1891 Merchants NB, MNB design, rust  
MNB-0024-4-1891 Merchants NB, L-Liberty, blue  
Penny Savings Bank
PSB-0013-28-1890 Penny Savings Bk, black on white  
People's Bank
PBC-0013-24-1891 People's Bk, Bk bldg, b&w  
PBC-0027-10-1891 People's Bk, Liberty head, red  
PBC-003189_ People's Bk, unissued, black on yellow  
Pioneer Bank
PB-00111-4-1946 Pioneer Bk, pioneer image center, brown on tan  
Ridgedale Bank & Trust Co.
RBT-00119__ Ridgedale B & T, brown on cream  
RBT-0028-31-1958 Ridgedale B & T, brown on tan  
South Chattanooga Savings Bank / Hamilton Trust & Savings Bank
SCB-0011___ S. Chatt. Sav. Bk, b&w  
SCB-0024-20-1894 S. Chatt. Sav. Bk, bk on tan  
SCB-0115-31-1919 Hamilton Trust & Savings Bk, bk on yellow  
Third National Bank
TNB-0015-3-1883 3rd NB, Bk bldg, b&w  
TNB-00312-10-1886 3rd NB, Gibson & Lee, L-girl, b&w  
TNB-0045-1-1890 3rd NB, TNB design, brown on yellow  
TNB-0056-7-1884 3rd NB, L-Tenn across, b&w  
TNB-0069-27-1899 3rd NB, L-TNB across, b&w  
TNB-0074-14-1890 3rd NB, L-US State Dep. across, b&w  
TNB-0081-30-1901 3rd NB, bk on violet  
TNB-0109-27-1897 3rd NB, bk on cream  
Union Bank & Trust
UBT-0015-3-1883 Union Bk & T, UBT top left, bk on tan  
X-0016-26-1879 Unknown Bank, W C McMillin, Cashier  
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