Chattanooga Money Update History

List of changes by version

Version 1.01 May 23, 2003
Initial version.

Version 1.02 May 26, 2003
National Bank Notes census update, National Bank note plain back varieties, copyright.

Version 1.03 June 23, 2003
Ridgedale and Industrial Credit Union made based on 1928 phone book. Cherokee Mfg. 1st NB notes, Sterchi Brothers ad bill, Returned check Hamilton NB->1st NB->McBryar Brothers, Koons good for 1 Qt, Chattanooga Saving Bank postcard, CU G-123

Version 1.04 July 11, 2003
Replaced copy of 1st NB check 10-8-1872 and City NB check 4-29-1871 with scan of originals. Used 160" page length in Adobe distiller to avoid very short pages at end of each HTML page. Added descriptions to tokens. Charter No. to National Bank Notes added. Correct $20 BB to $20 1875.

Version 1.05 September 28, 2003
25 Bank checks added from Bill Swafford, III + 2 advertising notes + signed by Jon Overton Jr. Color postcard Chattanooga Savings Bk. Private Scrip 11/15/62 $1, Hamilton National Bank $10 PB. Corrected script to scrip, e-mail to, $5 Charter 7848 VG 1929 T-1, Added N. Chattanooga Branch check Hamilton NB Swafford, Centennial program Andrews Raid Swafford, Bankruptcy AL & Chattanooga RR decree, 1st NB 2 checks, Bank of Commerce check, Mortgage Chattanooga Savings Bank, 3rd NB check Added printed statements from 1st NB and Hamilton NB. Added Commercial NB $5, Hamilton NB T-2 $5 serial number 2.

Version 1.06 December 13, 2003
Souder's Cheap Store ad 7/2/1878, AL & Chattanooga RR pass, military pass. Linked in Am Bank 1946 report and 1987 75th anniversary booklet. Started replacing JPG files created via Adobe pdf files with JPGs created in Photoshop to improve quality(10/5/03). Replaced JPGs First NB DRS & TC. Added First National Bank $5 T1, Hamilton NB $5 T2 $10 T1, Hamilton NB depression $1 un-canceled, check Discount & Deposit 6/1/1874, check 1st NB 3/29/1874, Poll Tax and TN Mutual Bldg.& Loan scanned but not added. Added Krager Soddy $1 token. Included merchants scrip section that included all B&W images from Sedman's collection in place of Private and Company scrip section.

Version 1.07 May 30, 2004
Added image of $5 1902 DB Citizens NB. New image of Powell Iron & Nail from Chriswell 2nd Ed N. Am. Currency, 10 proof NBN sheets from Smithsonian - four 1st NB, one 4th, one Merchants, two Chattanooga and two 3rd. Updated listing of NBNs and number known by type. NBN list updated 5/30/04. Updated list of known Chattanooga obsolete bank notes by serial number 3/20/04.

Version 1.08 December 5, 2004
Added Western & Atlantic RR L 25c, M 50c, A $1 1/22/1862, upgraded images of $1 and $20 T-3 construction scrip. Upgraded Hamilton NB $10 1929 T-1 to CU, added table of presidents & cashiers Hamilton NB. Upgraded image G-80 $3 from VG to XF. Added Vogt-Applegate profit sharing certificate and Promissory note Hamilton Trust & Savings Bank. Added Related Items under Bank of Chattanooga for Checks. Created file of Chattanooga Money that can be printed on 8.5 x 11" format for CD. National Bank Note list by serial number updated 12/4/2004

Version 1.09 & 1.091 March 27, 2005
Added 60th Anniversary 1st National Bank of Chattanooga booklet 1865-1925. W& A scrip Ken Latimer. Put Banking Timeline back in CD. Pioneer Bank booklet added. Added G-45 50 cent note with other Bank of Chattanooga on reverse. Updated Obsolete census. Chant token identification defined. Print version not updated.

Version 1.10 August 16, 2005
1911 1st NB Coke-Cola check, City of Chattanooga $5 T-3 1875. Updated TN Obsolete Census (contains 991 notes). Added depression scrip of 1893 clearing house $5, Loomis & Hart Mfg. Co. $5, $2, $1. Added only known Chattanooga second charter - 1st NB $10 BB. Bk E TN $2 with Lexington, KY Ad stamp. Memphis & Charleston RR $0.50 with red overprint G-1396. Added tokens: NY Racket Store, Railway & Light Co, Chauffeur badge, W. H. Converse, Order of Knights of Khorassan badge, Odd Fellows badge, MECCA Celluloid Cigar store, Plow CO watch fob.

Version 1.15 October 24, 2005
Added tokens: Silver Chattanooga Coin Club 25th Anniversary, Rock City encased cent, Ruby Falls encased cent, Ross Mehan CO, National Ed Assoc. 1898, Julian Distilling CO encased cent, Grant Univ. Athens & Chatt., Chattanooga encased cent, Chickamauga Battle Centennial 1963, Chattanooga Savings medal. Commercial NB Counter Check, 1st NB rust torch check. Image of 3rd NB. Prominent Buildings of Chattanooga 1886. Upgraded Bk E. TN $1 G118 to VF+. Identified Tom & Dennis's notes in Bk of Chatt., Bk E TN and Merchant scrip. Added Chattanooga Prominent Buildings 1886 & Bluff Iron Furnace drawing. Adv Incline RY on $5 CSA. Updated print file. Cut long pages in pdf.

Version 1.20 November 12, 2006
Added tokens: Army recognition medal, Centennial Lookout Commandery, Cherokee Club, Commandery #32 1929-1979, Incline Drug & Surgical Co., National Guard Encampment 1923, WW I recognition medal, Southern Grand Lodge IOOF Lookout Mtn, John Bailey Nicklin Medal, Baylor School medal. $10 3rd NB 2nd Charter NB note added. 1874 Railroad map of Chattanooga added. Added 1870 time table and map for AL & Chatt. RR. Color Image of A D Prentice and Geo Rumsey merchant scrip added. E TN & GA RR G-1377 $0.50 on blue paper & G-1369 $0.05 on white paper added. Check W. C McMillin, mayor. Extensive history and overview of Hiwassee and E. TN & GA railroad added. Included Hiwassee building & historical sign in Athens. Added E TN & GA scrip 5c & 25c blue from Joe Copeland. $3 Lane Photog. Ad note, Memphis and Charleston RR $0.05 & $0.25 with blue seal. Detrick Distilling promotional package added. Upgraded $20 G-106 Pd in Gold note. Moved all link blocks to top / bottom of page to allow full width of page for images. Created new Chattanooga printable file. Added 25 cent J. H. Bilbrey & Co merchant scrip.

Version 1.30 1/9/2008
Heil Quaker on Repo. Bk Chatt. 1863, Vulcan Iron $0.25 Stone treas, List AL & Chatt. Directors 10/9/1871, Scott Price Distillery 1 Qt coupon, Added Artist/Engraver for $1 G61 & $10 G97-100. Added $5 G-90 discovery note. Upgraded $20 G-104. Color images of Chattanooga Bracy & Hult $0.50, Chattanooga Bilbey & Co. $0.50. New issuer Chattanooga Bryan V. Lemon $0.50, Chattanooga Eufula I. G. S. Martin $0.50 woman & man with measuring stick. Color images of Chattanooga Eufula I. G. S. Martin $0.50 scene, Chattanooga Vulcan Iron Works $1, Chattanooga Vulcan Works Store $0.25, Chattanooga Vulcan Works Store $0.50, Chattanooga Vulcan Works Store $2. Updated list of Chattanooga Nationals by serial number. Added image of City Chattanooga $2 T3. Added history 2nd NB. Upgraded image of G-77 Bk Chatt $3 F->VF. Added $50 G-109.1 Pd in Gold. Added 1892 Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce Advetising booklet and 1889 Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce Reports on banks, business, etc. Added images of Wills Valley RR unlisted 10 cent with cupolas, unlisted $1 and $2 (red title & denomination) with train at left, upgraded image of $1 G-1507. Eufaula, AL / Chattanooga 25 cent merchant scrip. Updated obsolete note census (now 32 pages). Added 300 dpi images of all 50+ Chattanoga National Bank Proof Sheets in the "National Numismatic Collection" at the Smithsonian. Chattanooga Scrip: $2 & $3 Brown & Barton, Davison McCrath $0.50, A. Merritt $0.50, E. Thornton $0.50, J. W. Lane $0.25, Chattanooga Vulcan Iron Works $0.05, Chattnooga Davidson McCrath $0.50, Chattanooga A. Merritt $0.50. War Scenes and View Pointers booklet by Southern Baptist Convention in 1896 gives an overview of Civil War battles between Atlanta & Chattanooga.

Version 1.40 9/15/2008
AL & Chattanooga RR check 1875, Chattanooga Button & Badge CSA Ad Note, Picture of Tunnel Hill W&A RR depot, Bk of Chattanooga G-56 $1 Good in red missing. Amount of depression scrip printed by denomination for Chattanooga NBs. Four comparison's of the real and counterfeit Union Bank of Tennessee notes G-133 & G-134 added. Added City of Chattanooga $2 Type 2 1875 scrip, Chattanooga A C Powell Druggist $0.50, Chattanooga Powell Iron & Nail Works $0.05, Chattanooga Roane Iron {$0.05 1874, $0.10 1871, $0.10 1881 and $2.00 1870}, Chattanooga George Rumsey $3, Chattanooga G. Slick $1, Chattanooga W. Bewoel... $0.50, Chattanooga J. E. Wells $0.25, Chattanooga William F Brent $0.50. Four varieties of the Bk of Chattanooga G-51 $1 plate letter B have been found and pictured. Added color image of Chattanoooga 5 cent H. B. Lane scrip (previously described as Tho Lane).

Added after Version 1.40
Hiwassee Rail Road $3 Note from Christie's catalog of 1990 ABN sale. Added new improved images of City scrip from Chattanooga-Hamilton County Bicentennial Library Chattanooga Scrip, Acc 28. Wills Valley 50 cent April 1, 1862 unlisted. Updated printable file. Added information and stock issued for Continental Bank of Chattanoooga. Upgraded $3 and added $5 from Hiwassee Railroad notes from Proof sheet of 1,2, & 5 notes. Bank of Nashville Nov 5, 1855 oval stamp on G-91 $5 with blue plow within stamp. Engraver name, F. Knoll, found in J. Manouvrier & Co $2 and $3 vignette. Added 4 new found notes from W & A railroad 1840-1841 construction period $0.50 and 3 types of $1. Added $0.20 and $0.25 cent AL & Chattanooga RR notes overstamped with advertising for X. L. Burner Lamp. $5 G-91 back stamp advertising : B. Ensel & Sons, Dealers in Dry Goods, Clothing and Fine Jewelry, Morganfield, KY.

Chris Jones provided: Nashville 1856 check with a Branch Union Bank of Tennessee Chattanooga stamp on the front. 1899 check on the First Natíl Bank of Chattanooga, G-99 $10 note with the Atkinson & Walmscot Forwarding & Commission Merchants, Eastport, Miss. over stamp, Georgia Civil War Centennial (1962) Commemorative for Andrews Raid April 12, 1665; Hamilton National Bank Date Back $20 (1 of 2 known); Upgrade of $5 Hamilton National Bank Note of 1929 T-1 and T-2;

Opened Chattanooga Money Web site to free access January 2012
Western & Atlantic related items courtesy of David Stephenson: 1853 railroad ticket, 1862 free pass for military, receipt for plank 1847.

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