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Post Card Chattanooga 1864

The Cherokee settled the Chattanooga area in the early 1700s. They named the area from a Cherokee phrase meaning "pointed rock," a term referring to Lookout Mountain. In 1816 John Ross, a Cherokee chief, established a trading post on the site, which became known as Ross's Landing. White settlement began in the late 1700s and accelerated rapidly in the 1830s. In 1838 the Cherokee were forcibly removed to the Indian Territory in present-day Oklahoma. This journey, known as the Trail of Tears, began in Chattanooga. About one quarter of the 16,000 Cherokee died from hunger, disease and exposure during the march.

Chattanooga was laid out in 1838, it grew as a river port and trading center. It incorporated as a city in 1839. As railroads were built, it became one of the South's major rail centers with connections north-south and east-west.

During 1862-63, Chattanooga became famous throughout the world. Its location in a border state with fine railroad and river facilities gave a strategic value far beyond many larger centers and the tide of war surged over the little mountain city. It was occupied successively by the opposing armies as the desperate battles fought in the near vicinity exposed the inhabitants to all the harrows of war. The postcard above, shows Chattanooga in 1864 when it had a population of about 2000.

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