Photocopy $5 proof sheet of City National Bank From National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian.

Greeley Colorado Banking History

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Greeley History
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Greeley NB (#4437)
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Greeley Union NB(#4437)
Greeley NB (#13928)
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Greeley National Bank (Rechartered) #13928

Like all banks across the land, the Greeley Union bank shut down during the bank holiday of 1933. Thought it was reopened after 10 days, the Greeley Union National Bank was reorganized and re-chartered to #13928 and the name was changed to the Greeley National Bank. It had to its name $1,233,048.15 - including the building and its furnishing. Back in those days there was no "Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. to step in and rescue a bank in trouble. You had to form a new bank" Farr remembers. "That took money: $180,000 in capital and surplus. So the Farrs, the Wheelers, the Garnseys and other families who owned stock in the bank pooled their resources to raise $105,000. The Reconstruction Finance Corp., a forerunner of FDIC, put up $75,000. And the Greeley National was born".

T. C. Phillips remained as president until his death in 1945. Hugh F. Wheeler succeeded as president at that time. The bank remained in the same location and was remodeled during the 1950s with the addition of a metal facade and construction of a drive-up banking window.From the Archives City of Greeley Museums

Greeley National Bank Charter #13928 1929 T-2, signed by T. C. Phillips & W. H. Barber

Small notes from the Greeley National Bank, charter #13928, are listed as very scarce. Only 1929 $5 and $10 Type 2 notes were issued. The amount of currency in circulation in 1935 was $65,500.

  Date Type Grade Serial No.
$5 1929 T-2 VF 1618
$5 1929 T-2 AU 3711
$5 1929 T-2 VF 4367
$5 1929 T-2 VF 4748
$10 1929 T-2 F 309
$10 1929 T-2 VF 770
$10 1929 T-2 F15a 1177
$10 1929 T-2 VG 1767
$10 1929 T-2 F 2701
$10 1929 T-2 VF 2797
$10 1929 T-2 F 3457
$10 1929 T-2 VG 5073
Greeley National Bank
President Dates
T. C. Phillips 1934 - 1945
Hugh F. Wheeler 1945 - 1955
Arnold H. Trautwein 1955 - 1959
Dale R. Hinman 1959 - 1971
Cashier Dates
W. H. Barbor 1934 - ?
L. B. Carrel ? - beyond 1943

12 Small Size National Bank Notes Known
The Greeley National Bank was selected to represent the State of Colorado in the Franklin Mint's solid sterling silver bank ingot fifty-state program. The 1972 1000 grain ingots displayes the bank monogram.

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