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by Carolyn Mandelkow

I grew up in Greeley and started collecting coins while I was in Meeker Junior High. I was a member of the Greeley Coin Club until I gradated from Greeley High in 1958. I collected continuously except for the collage years. In 1995, I learned that U. S. National Bank Notes had the individual bank names printed on them and were signed by the local bank officers. I remember my dad, John Schafluetzel, taking me to the 1st National Bank in Greeley to introducing to me to Mr. Petrikin, the bank president. So my first Greeley national was a 1st NB note signed by Mr. Petrikin. Then I collected notes from the other Greeley banks and researched the banking history, thanks to helpful people at the Greeley Municipal Museum.

Review the Greeley banking history from it's founding in 1870 see the Greeley National Bank Notes from each of the six national banks.

The Georgia Legislature recognized the importance of fostering railroad construction to open up the western portions of the Georgia frontier and granted charters to build three major lines in 1833: Augusta to Athens, Savannah to Macon, and Macon to Forsyth. The legislature followed up by establishing the W&A RR in 1836 to connect the Chattahoochee River to the Tennessee River. They also provided for the extension of the railroads from Athens and Forsyth to the Western and Atlantic.

The line was completed to Dalton in July of 1847. Because of the difficulty in constructing the tunnel north of Dalton, the track on the other side of the proposed tunnel was started and completed to Chattanooga before the tunnel was completed. The tunnel, near the current city of Tunnel Hill, opened on May 9, 1850, completing the W&A RR.

On April 12, 1862, one of the boldest incidents of the Civil War, known as the Andrews Raid or the Great Locomotive Chase, was conducted. James Andrews led a party of Union undercover soldiers (spies) from the front near Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to Marietta, Georgia, where they boarded the train. After the train stopped for breakfast they captured the W&A RR engine "The General" and proceeded north toward Chattanooga, intent on destroying bridges and tracks to disrupt the Confederate supply line to central Tennessee. However, the train's crew, led by conductor William Fuller, pursued the raiders, first on foot, then on a push car, and finally by the W&A RR engine "Texas". The Yankees were unable to do much damage with the Texas in hot pursuit. Eventually they ran out of fuel and were captured.

The Western & Atlantic Railroad was made famous by the classic Civil War movie The Great Locomotive Chase. Review the history and the extensive scrip issued by the Western & Atlantic Railroad.

Tom Carson and Dennis Schafluetzel collect paper money, coins and tokens from Chattanooga. They created an electronic book of the history of Chattanooga using images of there collections as well as other major collections to illustrate the times from the 1830s to the 1930s.

We have recently moved the electronic Chattanooga Money files to the Internet. Preview sections of Chattanooga Money. Or order a $25 copy of the CD by filling out and submitting the Chattanooga CD Order Form and get a username and password to have full access on line for a year to the routine updates to Chattanooga Money.

If you already have a username and password you can Log on to Chattanooga Money.

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