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Greeley National Bank Charter #4437

Although the Greeley National Bank was founded in 1890 it traces its history to back to the founding of the Union Colony. In an article in the October 28, 1909 Greeley Tribune "Old-Time Reminiscences" by Henry T. West, a member of the locating committee, said; "The next trouble was banking facilities, there being no bank nearer than Cheyenne, 54 miles, and Denver, 52 miles away. Although it was my intention to go into the cattle business, I was induced to open a bank, which I did May 12, 1870, under the name of H. T. West and Co., doing business under this name until Dr. Charles Emerson and Charles G. Buckingham arrived with the intention of doing a banking business and we united (November 1870) and did business for years under the firm name of Emerson, West and Buckingham."

This letter head was furnished by C. E. Buckingham, President of the National State Bank of Boulder and nephew of the C. Buckingham named in the letter head. C. Buckingham later became the founder of the Buckingham Brothers Bank with Water Buckingham, the father of C. E. Buckingham, at Longmont, and also became founder of the National State Bank of Boulder, of which he remained president for 50 years. The Greeley firm was know as Emerson-West and Buckingham Bank that was the first bank in Greeley and was the antecedent of the Greeley National Bank. From the Archives City of Greeley Museums

This check drawn on Emerson-West and Buckingham Bankers was signed by Nathan Meeker, Greeley's founder.

Charles Buckingham moved to Boulder in 1874 to enter a new banking house with the Prince of Buckingham, Walter. He sold his interest in the Greeley bank to his partners who operated under the name Emerson and West, Bankers.

In 1875 West sold his interest in the bank to his son George to go into the coal mining business with his relatives the Canfields, who owned the Rob-Roy coal mine near Erie, Weld County, Colorado. Hunter bought out Emerson in 1881. In 1886 Hunter and West vacated the original bank building that was one of the first buildings erected in Greeley in the summer and fall of 1870. He then moves to new offices at the corner of the first floor of the Opera House block.

The Hunter and West Bank failed and was closed December 26, 1890 and B. D. Sandobrn was appointed assignee. Claims to the amount of $39,040.46 were allowed and dividend allowed was 8 per cent.

Greeley National Bank was founded in 1890, as The Hunter and West Bank was going broke. The Greeley National Bank moved into the quarters formerly occupied by Hunter and West in 1891.

The December 9, 1897 Greeley Tribune lists the Greeley National Bank Capital at $65,000 and the bank officers as J. L. Bush, president, and C. H. Wheeler. Cashier. A picture of their offices built previously occupied by the Hunter and West Bank is shown in the Opera House building.

The Greeley National Bank Building corner offices in Opera Building (1897).

National Bank notes from the Greeley National Bank are listed as very scarce (14 large Charter #4437 Greeley National Bank notes are listed in Don Kelly's 4th edition of National Bank Notes). I have only seen 5 of the known 14 serial numbered notes that came up for auction in the past 8 years, (1997-2005)The bank issued $10 and $20 notes from the second charter, both brown back and date backs. It also issued $10 and $20 notes from the third charter blue seal notes, both date back and plain backs.

Greeley National Bank Third Charter $10, plain back.
Signed by T. C. Phillips, president and L. B. Carrel, cashier.

Known Notes National Bank Notes, CD 3.0
  Date Type Grade Serial No.
$10 1882 BB F 2328
$10 1882 BB VF 1582
$20 1882 BB F 824
$10 1902 DB F 3132
$20 1902 DB F12 2947
$10 1902 PB F/VF 4078
$10 1902 PB F 8642
$10 1902 PB VF+ 11143
$10 1902 PB F 12357
$10 1902 PB VF 12405
$10 1902 PB VF 12968
$10 1902 PB F 13109
$10 1902 PB VG 16202
$20 1902 PB F12a 2947
$20 1902 PB VF 5154
$20 1902 PB VF 6852
$20 1902 PB F 9068
$20 1902 PB F/VF 12357
Greeley National Bank
President Dates
Brainard D. Harper 1890 - ?
J. L. Bush was president 1897
T. C. Phillips ? - 1923
Cashier Dates
Brainard D. Harper ? - ?
C. H. Wheeler was cashier 1897
L. B. Carrel ? - 1923

18 Large Size National Bank Notes Known (7/24/2022)
On March 22, 1926 the Union National Bank and the Greeley National Bank merged. The merged bank, The Greeley Union National Bank, Greeley, retained the Greeley National Bank charter #4437.

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