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First National Bank Charter 3178

John M. Wallace, of Chicago, coming to Greeley, saw the need for a national bank. The need became a reality and the charter was applied for on February 27, 1884, with the endorsement of the Honorable James B. Belford, Colorado's representative in Congress. The charter was granted May 6, 1884, for a period of 20 years, and was renewed March 15, 1904, and again in 1924 for a further period of twenty years. The bank opened its doors for business on June 10, 1884 with a paid in capital of $80,000 in the handsome brick building shown.

Initial home of the First National Bank 1884 (Town & Country News 9/26/1974) from the Archives City of Greeley Museums.

This was the first bank organized in Weld County under the "National Bank Act" and thereby became in name as well as in fact "The First National Bank of Greeley Colorado", and the First National Bank in Weld County. At that time Weld County embraced all the land now known as Weld, Morgan, Logan, Sedgwick, Phillips, and parts of Yuma and Washington counties. Thirty five years later there were sixth-nine banks in that territory. The seal adopted by the bank at its organization shows a farmer irrigating his fields. Weld County's development which was based on irrigation, justifies the seal.

The Board of Directors in 1884 included H. M. DeVotie, J. L. Ewing, D. B. Wyatt, E. R. Thayer. John M. Wallace was president and Brainard Harper was cashier.

The First National Bank building was remodeled and enlarged in 1885 and is shown in the era of the gas light at its location of Main and Monroe which had been renamed to 8th Street and 9th Avenue.

The bank building assumed a new modernized appearance in 1919. The entrance was moved from the corner to the Eight street and the face of the building was redesigned by Robert K. Fuller, architect and James B. Jackson builder. The new building consists of a basement and two floors; the first floor consists of the bank proper and store rooms, the second floor of offices. In the basement are the heating plant, engineer's room, storage rooms, and two large burglar and fireproof vaults. One vault will be used for the storage of the bank's older records and books; the other will utilized for the storage of old trunks and valuable packages too large for the vaults above. From the Archives City of Greeley Museums

On the first floor is the banking room proper, many windowed, flooded with Colorado sunshine, a truly glorious workshop for business. The banking quarters occupy a space one hundred and fifteen feet long by forty-three feet wide. Walls of dull apricot, shading to deep cream tones, with an effective frieze of dull gold and violet, the handiwork of skilled artist; the woodwork, dull mahogany with satin wood inlay; deep cream-colored French Tavernelle Clair marble in dado and counters; floors of gray Tennessee marble-all these combine to present an interior of beauty and blended harmony. Opening off the main lobby at the right are the officers' desks and private consultation rooms. On the left is a retiring room for ladies, equipped with comfortable chairs, writing desks, telephone. farther down on the side on the lobby is a patron's room for the convenience of customers. Beyond are the teller's departments, which extend across the east, south, and west sides of the lobby. In the rear of the teller's departments is the bookkeepers' room so planned that it catches every ray of light and comfort. Next come the three large burglar- and fireproof vaults, constructed of cement and steel under specifications of adept vault builders, so that they meet the approval of the largest surety companies in the world. These vaults have the peculiar and additional security of being accessible to daily inspection on all sides. The walls between the several vaults are constructed of the same burglar- and fire-proof materials as the outer walls. The smallest of the vaults is for money and securities; a second, opening from the bookkeepers' room, is the books of the bank; the largest is for the safe-deposit boxes of the customers. In connection with the latter are private booths, and the bank furnishes an attendant to serve the customer's convenience. On farther are the directors' rooms and the toilets. There is also a room for the use of clerks and lawyers for the handling of deeds, conveyances, etc., and for the transaction of the bank's trust department business. From the Archives City of Greeley Museums

The First National Bank building as it appeared with the clock on the corner as I remember it in the 1950s as I was growing up in Greeley. Graybeal's Jewlery store was located on the southwest corner of the building.From the Archives City of Greeley Museums

First National Bank check June 2, 1899, signed by James Canlin with revenue stamp.

First National Bank Charter 3178, 1902 PB $20, signed by J. M. B. Petrikin & J. S. Davis
Since treasure number appears but the geographic letter does not,
it was printed between March 14, 1924 and August 22, 1925.

First National Bank Charter 3178, 1929 T-1 $10, signed by J. M. B. Petrikin & J. S. Davis

First National Bank Charter 3178, 1929 T-2 $20, signed by J. M. B. Petrikin & J. S. Davis

  Date Type Grade Serial No.
$5 1902 DB F 4058
$10 1902 DB F/VF 4297
$10 1902 DB VG 4846
$5 1902 PB VG/F 10353
$5 1902 PB EF 10611
$5 1902 PB F 14379
$5 1902 PB G 14851
$5 1902 PB VF/EF 16032
$5 1902 PB F 20357
$5 1902 PB VF/EF 20389
$5 1902 PB VG 20446
$5 1902 PB VG/F 22358
$5 1902 PB VG 22501
$10 1902 PB VF 11550
$10 1902 PB VF 12162
$10 1902 PB VG 12374
$10 1902 PB VF/XF 14090
$10 1902 PB F 14686
$20 1902 PB VF/EF 6346
$20 1902 PB F 8009
$20 1902 PB VF 10368
$20 1902 PB AU 10582
$20 1902 PB F/VF 11571
$20 1902 PB VG 13488
$20 1902 PB VF 14412
  Date Type Grade # Known
$5 1929 T-1 VG - XF 8
$10 1929 T-1 VG - VF 14
$20 1929 T-1 F - VF 4
$5 1929 T-2 G/VG 1
$10 1929 T-2 VG - F 3
$20 1929 T-2 VG - VF 7

First National Bank
President Dates
John M. Wallace 1884 - 1894
Asa Sterling 1894 - 1919
J. M. B. Petrikin 1919 - 1954
Cashier Dates
Brainard S. Harper ?1884 - 1894
A. J. Park was cashier 1897
J. M. B. Petrikin 1900 - 1915
J. S. Davis 1915 - >1933

25 Large Size National Notes Known (7/24/2022)
National Bank notes from the First National Bank of Greeley are listed as scarce. The bank issued $5, $10 and $20 notes of second charter, brown backs; third charter $ 10 and $20 red seal notes and $5, $10 and $20 date back and plain back large size notes. They also issued $5, $10 and $20 type one and type two notes of 1929. In 1935 there was $6,100 in large size notes and $93,900 total outstanding notes.

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