Back of $0.25 G-1365 with overstamp

Alabama & Chattanooga Railroad

List of Alabama and Chattanooga Railroad Meal Tickets
by Garland Number

G #$ Description R#  
G-1364$0.20 Sheep vignette in black, orange 20 R14 
G-1365$0.25 Chickens vignette in black, green 25 R13 
G-1367$0.33 Ducks vignette in black, red 50 R12 
G-1364.1$0.20 Sheep vignette in brown, Receivers 20 Unl 
G-1366$0.25 Chickens in brown, Receivers, green 25 R14 
G-1368$0.33 Ducks in brown, Receivers, blue 50 R13 

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