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Memphis & Charleston Railroad Co.


In 1854, when the Nashville and Chattanooga Railway was completed, John C. Calhoun and a party of capitalists from Charleston arrived in Chattanooga. They were received with a great deal of enthusiasm. The Memphis and Charleston Railroad, under construction eastward from Memphis, reached Stevenson AL, in early 1855. From Stevenson the trains ran to Chattanooga on the tracks of the Chattanooga and Nashville Railway.

The mayor of Charleston, ex-Secretary John C. Calhoun, and other citizens of South Carolina made a second visit in May 1857 to celebrate the entrance of the Memphis and Charleston into Chattanooga. It was thought by the people of Charleston that all western cotton would go to Charleston for export, but in time New Orleans became the principal cotton port. The Mayor of Chattanooga, E. G. Pearl, welcomed the delegation and the Mayor of Charleston made an address. The sea water brought from Charleston was poured into the Tennessee river to symbolize "marrying the river to the sea".

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