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Chattanooga Money
Table of Contents
Bank of Chattanooga
Major Type Notes
Greeley Bank
History & Currency
Western & Atlantic
Railroad Scrip
Chattanooga Money

Review the Table of Contents of Chattanooga Money to see that would be 500+ pages if it were printed. It includes information on banks, railroads, businesses, organization that issued any currency, scrip, tokens or medals in the first 100 years of Chattanooga.

The CD has full color images of all 70+ Bank of Chattanooga Obsolete Type notes as listed by Paul Garland as well a number of newly discovered types. Review an article on the 25 the major types of Bank of Chattanooga notes that that exist.

Preview a section of the CD book on the Western & Atlantic Railroad [Atlanta to Chattanooga] which was made famous by the classic Civil War movie The Great Locomotive Chase. Review the history and notes of the Greeley National Banks which is similar to the Chattanooga National Bank section of the electronic book.

Tom and Dennis are avid collectors of Chattanooga currency, scrip, tokens and medals and continuously update the Chattanooga Money electronic book as they locate new material. Preview the extensive updates that have already been included in the latest version of the CD.

The city of Chattanooga printed it's own money to make ends meet. After the civil war interest bearing checks were issued to city workers and contractors for odd denominations like $1.40 or $2.25. These interest bearing checks and bond coupons circulated until they were replaced by money the city had printed in denominations $1, $2 and $5 that were payable in 1 year after issue or for taxes. The city council minutes indicate a second printing payable in 3 years and including a $10 note was issued. The co-authors of the newly released "Chattanooga Money" electronic CD book, Tom and Dennis, indicated the scrip circulated at par initially, but were traded at 50 cents on a dollar as residents lost confidence they would be redeemed. As a result the city lost out, as they had to pay workers twice the going rate but had to accept the script at par for taxes. The Tennessee Supreme Court ended the illegal issue of scrip, leaving the city with a $30,000 debt. Since the majority of the notes were redeemed the remaining collectable scrip is scarce. View the notes and read about the history in Chattanooga Money

The Chattanooga Money CD book covers all areas of numismatic material related to Chattanooga. It contains over 1000 high quality color images with new research of many of the pieces. Obsolete bank notes covered are Union Bank of TN at Chattanooga, Bank of East TN at Chattanooga, Bank of Chattanooga. A census of the obsolete bank notes is used to project new rarity numbers for some issues. Scrip notes include private, company, 1893, 1907 & 1933 depression. Railroad scrip is included from all lines that ran through Chattanooga that consists of notes from: Western & Atlantic, East TN & GA, Wills Valley, Hiwassee, and Memphis & Charleston. The electronic book also covers all ten of the Chattanooga National Banks, checks on national and state banks, and over 200 tokens and medals. Order a $25 copy of the CD by filling out and submitting the Chattanooga CD Order Form. The full electronic copy of the book is now on line. The on line copy will be updated continuously as new information or images become are found. You will also receive a user name and password to the full electronic copy with all updates for the next year.

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